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Emerging as one of the new faces of the “New Gen” of Content Creators. HSA has been apart of the forefront of the industries most exciting, promising and new content creators dominating the industry.

Joining just over a year ago and massing over 79,000 followers and subscribers along the way, it’s clear to say over this past year and half the journey has matched the output.

HSA began his YouTube journey with reaction videos to an array of content and later down the line going into the field of vlogging (Hotshotaaron 2nd)

What really separated Aaron in this field on content creation early on was his consistency and variety in clipping his work into short form content which would effectively catch on with the masses as he began to see more and more people engage with his content


Has the new found attention that’s come into your life affected any of your close relationships?

I can’t lie it hasn’t really affected any relationships in my personal life. I am still close with my boys/the people I knew before YouTube. I can never forget the people that have helped me get to this point in life. You always gotta remind yourself where you come from when you’re reaching a new heights of your career to stay grounded. I’m big on that.

What change do you want see in the content creation industry?

I don’t think I would say I want the game to change necessarily because, in my opinion I feel like YouTube/ Content Creation in SA is growing as a whole in a good way. Creators are no more all doing the same stuff and now viewers have an option on who they want to watch. We have multiple new people entering the game and I’m starting to see new faces almost every month. I am confident that SA content creation will reach unimaginable heights within the next 2 years for sure.

What’s something you would try if you knew you wouldn’t fail?

For some weird reason I’ve always wanted to be part of the army lmao, I don’t even know why to be honest. Yeah and I’m not talking about the army that does not get deployed to fight for a country. I’m talking about the real-deal stuff. I think the reason for me wanting to be in the army may be because of the sense of discipline and focus you get from being in those type of environments. I would say that’s what draws me to it.

Has there ever been a video you were excited to put up and upload but everything just went wrong and it never came to see the light of day, if so what happened?

Yoh dude multiple times, I can’t even count them to be honest. There’s been one memorable video tho that I filmed but never came out because the video was not picking the audio. I only found out after I filmed it and I was reviewing the footage. To make it worse the video footage was 1 hour long…….chai. I can’t lie I was touched for like a day or 2, then I just thugged it out fr.

What’s a message you want to share with your community?

Take care of yourself. Check on the people around you because we’re all going through something in private. Fall in love with what you do and always remember why you started when you feel like giving up. Love yall. #HSNTILLIDIE🫡


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